Making payments simpler, quicker and secured.

Say hello to the new cool of digital payments with Versuspay’s uniquely encrypted QR codes. Send and receive money easily, quickly and securely to anyone, anywhere .


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Enjoy a frictionless buying experience.

Avoid standing in long queues, waiting for credit or debit alerts or payment receipts from vendors, Simply Scan, Pay and Go with the unique vendors tag available at the checkout.


Quick Scan to Pay

Scan, Pay and Go when making in-store or online payments to businesses or friends and family.

Pay or get paid when you share your Versuspay QR code to receive payments or scan a QR code to pay for goods or services in no time.


Send, Request and Receive Money

Send, request and receive money securely and quickly with your preferred payment method.

Initiate local or international wire transfers, inter-bank payments and direct charges from your Versuspay account in minutes.


Create a Network of V-buddies

Build a network of trusted beneficiaries.

Save users to your network for faster payments when your pay or send money to them frequently, pay with a click to friends and family within your network of V-buddies anytime, anywhere.


Spend Easy, Spend Smart

It's your money, you decide where it goes.

Manage your bills (airtime, data, cable etc.), make payments anywhere with the Versuspay virtual card, and set smart spending budgets towards designated expenditures.


Why businesses love Versuspay 🤗


Abel Yohanna

Director Asemota Foods


"Versuspay is a game changer for us at Asemota, our customers can transact faster and easier now, we don't have to put up our account number at the counter again, as they can just scan and make payments. It is a fast and reliable platform, the best I have seen so far"


Victor Somebody

Founder GG Cafteria


"Since we started using Versuspay to accept payments, we have been pleading with our customers to make payments to us through Versuspay. The speed and it's efficiency has always been our wow moment"

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