Send and receive funds with your unique Quick-Response code.

Send and recieve money with your unique and encrypted quick-response code that allows you request and recieve payments in lightening speed.

Send, Request and Receive Money

 A new way to make instant transfers to friends, families and business outlets without having to type in 10+ digit numbers, wait for credit alert confirmations or dispute reversals made by traditional bank.

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  • Share your unique QR-code.

    Download your encrypted QR code that is unique to you and also serves as your wallet ID, No need for long digit account details..simply download your QR or share with anyone to request payments in seconds. You can share your code to request money from friends, family and business partners.

  • Start Sending & Receiving Funds

    Send money without having to be physically present by requesting for a QR code, once payment is done after scanning the QR code, add the contact to your Versuspay Buddies (V-buddies), now you can make transfers at lightening speed without having to type in an account number everytime.

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    Runs on Unicorn Platform